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Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation

SporTherapy works with individuals suffering from a neurological disorder or disease, include Alzheimer’s, ALS, brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury and stroke. Common problems of patients with neurological disorders include paralysis, vision impairment, poor balance, difficulty walking and loss of independence, all of which physical therapy can improve.

To begin, our expert physical therapists perform a comprehensive neurological evaluation, including: a thorough history, muscle strength evaluation, balance assessment, and functional mobility assessment. Once the impairments are identified, our physical therapy team will work with both patient and family to develop a treatment plan that will help to maximize function and quickly return the patient back to the activities they enjoy most.

Depending upon the disorder and deficits identified, treatments may consist of balance training, endurance/strength training, practicing isolated movements, repeatedly changing from one kind of movement to another, and rehearsing complex movements that require a great deal of coordination and balance, such as walking up or down stairs or moving safely between obstacles.

Ultimately, we’ll transition this program into the home environment for long-term benefits.